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construction banner 3Communications, Collaboration & Contracts – Learn how Microsoft
Office 365 and CloudAssist can help with these operational challenges

As seen in the Construction Industry Federation Magazine, CloudAssist held a briefing in association with CIF and Microsoft Ireland on the strategic value of the cloud for the Construction and Engineering Industry.

This briefing showed how Office 365 can improve operational efficiency with communications, collaborations and contracts. This event was held at the Microsoft Building 2, Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland.

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30262 104 stations 5 273x139It was great to chat with Conall on the Sunday Business Show - Today FM.  Thanks again to all on TeamSBS.

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Listen in on Sunday 12th June to the Sunday Business Show on Today FM, Sean from CloudAssist will be discussing with Conall O’Morain between 10am to 11am. They will be discussing how Cloud can assist SME’s be more profitable, productive and protected in the Cloud.

Subscribing to Cloud services is like Gym membership. As with gym membership, you subscribe to the cloud on a monthly or annually basis but don’t buy the equipment, you sign up to use the equipment provided under your membership. Also, you get as much out the cloud service as you put in. i.e. subscribing to the gym does not make to fit however hard work and regular use can deliver the results that you want. Same for cloud services.

Most businesses we talk to today are struggling to accomplish more with fewer resources. Virtualization and cloud technologies can help by cutting costs, maximizing your IT investments, and helping you grow your business without spending a cent more than needed.
And now this is a reality for small and midsize businesses. Here are 4 ways you can benefit:

1. Cut costs and get the most out of your server hardware
Most businesses have a dedicated server for each of their line-of-business applications, like payroll and CRM programs. With virtualization included in Windows Server 2012, you can run more applications on a single server, helping you save on hardware costs and power bills.

Pane2a2. Know you’re open for business, even if disaster strikes
Forty percent of businesses never reopen when disaster strikes1. Whether it’s flood, fire, or break-in, running Windows Server 2012 gives you peace of mind that you can recover quickly and minimize data loss with built-in technology that replicates all of the information on your server—and then copies any changes every five minutes.

3. Get easy, cost-effective data storage
You work with all kinds of files and data today, from presentations, to spreadsheets, to photos and videos. Make sure you always have plenty of space to store and access your files—and control who can access what—without spending a fortune for a storage solution.

4. CollaborationPane1

Remember there is no “I” in team. Winning is a team effort. Innovation is rarely the product of solitary thinkers. Instead, it is highly dependent on corporate culture and the people involved. Whether you are launching new products and services or adapting new business strategies, innovation emerges from the interactions of members of a team, community, or ecosystem, who extend and build on one another’s ideas. Innovation is powered by high-performing and often virtual teams that collaborate effortlessly and effectively. Unfortunately, geographic, functional, and information silos continue to persist throughout the companies, making it hard for knowledge workers to collaborate—
both internally and externally. To tear down organizational silos that have traditionally blocked innovation and its execution, you must start with the daily connections that your employees and teams require to work better together. Modern collaboration enables your cross-geography and cross-departmental teams to work better together and in a secured environment with trusted partners and invested customers. When teams can communicate better, conduct more effective virtual meetings, share files more securely, crowdsource new ideas, and problem solve issues faster, your organization can widen the ideation pipeline, identify the right ideas, and accelerate higher quality products and services to market.

We at CloudAssist can help.
Microsoft has connected with small and midsize businesses around the world to understand their key issues and initiatives. The result is a set of solutions designed to address the most pressing challenges of businesses like yours.

With our experience and expertise in helping small and midsize organizations—and solutions from Microsoft, with affordable, enterprise-grade protection built into its technologies—you can assist your company to be lean, grow, collaborate and be prepared for the unexpected.  Book a SureStep Today !!

Skillnet Cloud Event April 1612th April 2016  Transform  your Business in the Cloud  - Galway

The ACIST Skillnet are brings a host of exclusive sessions on Cloud Computing during 2016. Please join us for the next interactive information morning of learning about Cloud Computing and Office 365 for SME's, and how to enhance, protect and collaborate in these new platforms.
CloudAssist is delighted to be one of the Speakers at this event "Transform your Business in the Cloud" at the Clayton Hotel Galway on 12th April 2016.

This is a FREE Event - Join us on Tuesday 12th April as we demystify 'the Cloud' and show you how it can boost your business.

Industry experts from around the country will explain why the cloud is a must for future business success and demonstrate some of the benefits of using cloud based technology including:

• Reduced costs
• Greater Productivity
• Increased Efficiency
• Flexible working and
• Data Security.

Light breakfast and refreshments will be offered and there will be an opportunity for networking and to connect directly with the speakers at their stands so bring along plenty of business cards!

Click here for agenda and to register to attend.

blog05Cloud for your Business

The ACIST Skillnet brings a host of exclusive sessions on Cloud Computing. Please join us for an interactive information morning of learning about Cloud Computing and Office 365 for SME, and how to enhance, protect and collaborate in these new platforms.

CloudAssist is proud to be speaking at the "Cloud Computing Transform your Business with the Cloud" at The Inn at Dromland 14th October 2015.
Click here for agenda and to register to attend

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