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Communications, Collaboration & Contracts – Learn how Microsoft Office 365 and CloudAssist can help with these operational challenges

From this event there was some valuable ’takeaways’ for businesses and it explained why buy-in from Management is key to the successful user adoption of technology.

Communications takeaway – Learn how Office 365 provides an effective cloud service for instant messaging, calls and Online Meetings for improved communication while reducing travel and call costs.

Collaboration takeaway– Hear about Office 365 Teamsites for online document management with version control and user permissions that makes online collaboration secure and accessible for project teams.

Contract takeaway – Find out how Office 365 supports digital signatures for improved internal approval processes and faster customer contract acceptance without leaving the Microsoft office environment.

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Speakers list (in order )and topics:

•CloudAssist - Sean Brady - Opening remarks (time - 0:00 to 4:29 )
•CIF - Tom Parlon - Keynote speach on the Challenges facing the Construction sector and how CIF, Microsoft and CloudAssist can aid CIF members to compete on an international scale using cloud technology. (time - 4:30 to 24.55 )
•Microsoft - Mike Hughes - How cloud solutions will improve operational efficiencies through increased mobility for staff on the go, improved collaboration to clients and electronic signatures for real-time contract approval. (time - 27:17 to 54:35 )
•CloudAssist - Sean Brady - Communication, Collaboration and Contracts with Office 365 (Time - 54:38 to 1:02:55 )
•Plantronics - Declan Doyle - How Plantronics enchances and works with Skype for Business (formally know as Lync) (time - 1:02:57 to 1:14:15 )
•Metalogix - James Fowell - How Metalogix helps with migrating to Office 365 safely and efficently. (Time - 1:14:45 to 1:24:10 )
•Docusign - Owen Quennell - How electronics signatures work and how it works with Office365. (time - 1:24:11 to 1:47:45 )
•CloudAssist - Sean Brady - Closing remarks (time - 1:47:45 to end )

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