Communication and Security and the Irish IT Manager


In this ever-changing environment, businesses are more reliant on technology with their Data and their Communications.

This is more relevant today than ever, especially for the IT departments. In the above quote by Peter Drucker ( World-renowned Management Consultant ), you can substitute Communication for it. IT Departments can only work efficiently to manage todays Communication technology if they can measure it.

The way in which companies interact with their customers is also rapidly evolving with new technologies. This changes how companies configure this technology and how they integrate /train users so they can better serve the customers. At a strategic level, the customer contact sector can avail of this opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence technology and predictive analytics which will provide greater customer service and better insights for the business while also reducing costs.

Plantronics Manager Pro (PMP) is a cloud SaaS product allowing IT Managers to Monitor and Control Communications (i.e. audio end points / headsets) within their business with effortless management. PMP turns an IT headache of managing headsets ( i.e. updating firmware and addressing conflicts ) into data asset which provides powerful services / insights like usage analysis and business intelligence. This allows businesses – not just the IT Department to easily understand patterns, evaluate options, ensure compliance and make better decisions. It can predict and prevent problems before they occur, therefore, reducing the ever-increasing workload of the IT department. (see diagraph below)

Plantronics Manger Pro

Another example of what Plantronics Manager Pro can do is

example Plantronics Manger Pro


CloudAssist can assist you with this challenge while enhancing your data security.  Also CloudAssist is a Plantronics partner - read about our journey with Plantronics.  Download PDF Case Study.

Sean Brady (CloudAssist) was a speaker at the ISO27001 Ireland event in Dublin. “As Data is one of the most valuable assets that any business has today. This means our dependence on communication systems and services makes companies more vulnerable to security threats than ever before. Keeping your data secure, whether its customer, staff or supplier data is critical in most businesses. Data security is a hot topic in the media so ISO27001 not only protects your business against hackers but also safeguards your reputation.” Contact us today. Or schedule today an online 30 min meeting, let our experts guide you through the Plantronics Manager Pro service offerings and answer all your questions.

Lean process for Plantronics Manager Pro Final 1a

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